A select 30 gr / 50 gr foil paper is attached to the surface of Particle Board (PB) or Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) size 120 × 240 cm, using water based wood glue. The foil paper was chosen based on suitable color shade or pattern to be produced. The process may create mono or two surface layers.

  • Cutting

    The PB / MDF cutting process is based on the Production Handbook in accordance with the dimensions and size of the product to be produced.




    The process of fixing boreholes vertically and horizontally is adjusted to the diameter and depth of the drill points on the product components, to create production construction points.

  • CNC

    The process used to form detailing and complex parts on the furniture components to create various shapes and sizes so that the work can be done more quickly and efficiently.




    The process of profiles making and forming the wood thick sides, grooves, leveling the coatings on PB / MDF components and adjusting the use of accessories so that the components look more adorned.

  • Grooving

    The grooves’ making process on components, tailored to the use of certain accessories, models and designs.




    The process of attaching 0.4 mm to 1 mm PVC edging on the thick side of the particle board components of the product, according to the color, pattern and thickness of the Edging to be produced, using Hot-Melt glue on the Side Edge machine.

  • Finishing

    The final process of production in which accessories and other components are installed, as well as the process of polishing  components by cleaning, covering any flaws picking up to production standards.



    Back Lock

    The reworking of damaged / defected components caused during the production process; when restored to its specified standard, they will be used accordingly.

  • Packing

    The process of putting product components and complete product accessories into a package in accordance with the preparation standards for easy assembly.